Exploring Rhotia

Rhotia is a small town in between Karatu and Mtu wa Mbu in Northern Tanzania. The SFS campus is only a 5 minute walk away from the main part of Rhotia. Although Rhotia is a pretty small town, they have a few stores such as a grocery store, a tailor, a bookstore, and a library. I have been to the library a few times now to hang out with some of the local kids. I have also been to the coffee shop in Rhotia a few times. It is a great place to either work or hand out with friends. One thing I have noticed about Rhotia is how friendly everyone is. SFS has had a relationship with the town of Rhotia for close to 10 years and everyone I have met so far has been incredibly welcoming and friendly. Especially the little kids who love to play with my watch and phone. A typical day for me starts when I wake up around 7am. Then I usually have class for 3-5 hours per day. Some of the classes are travelling lectures where we drive around to certain areas and have lectures from different people. Then we usually have some sort of free time where I either go for a run with friends or hang out on campus and read.