Eating dinner with my friends is one of the most enjoyable parts of my daily routine. We are a family. Decompressing and sharing as a collective is a great way to end the day.

Last Thursday as we sat down to eat pasta and canned tuna, dogs howled in the nearby hills. Fabe, one of my flatmates who studies law commented on the abundance of dogs in Valparaíso. Keep reading if you like stories about dogs.

Last weekend, while walking to the house of a friend, an opinionated argument began regarding which route was the fastest. Our group split in two. Naturally, both groups began running to prove their respective points. One of the groups ran past a group of dogs perched on a stoop. Looking for entertainment, the dogs began to run too. Dogs are faster than humans. The boys stopped and stood their ground. However, one of the boys in the group, Max, thought he could outrun the dogs. Towering at 2.1 meters, he was a large target. The dog continued to play with the rambunctious boys and nipped Max’s leg. Fabe and Max spent the night in the hospital.

During dinner we relieved Max’s injury. Taking a positive outlook on the situation, Fabe reminded us that the hospital visited yielded an abundance of free band aids and liquid disinfectant.

After reliving that spectacular, Fabe yelled at the top of his lungs, “¡Chavales! ¡Hay que deciros otra historia de la ostia! Na vais a creer lo que pasó hoy”. (Young boys! I need to tell you a crazy story from today! You won’t believe what happened today). As Fabe’s Derecho Civil Sucesorio course was ending, he looked down at the floor to grab his backpack. There was a German Shepherd sleeping under his chair positioned perpendicular to his desk. Fabe moved slowly and managed to put on his backpack and walk out of the classroom without waking up the dog. What a dog. When the dog chases you, run towards the dog and assert yourself. Signing off.