Study abroad in New York?

Hello folks. It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for– another abroad blog. Join me through escapades and adventures eating lots of delicious food throughout it all. That’s right people; this blog will be focused on something we all need in our lives, food. 


My “abroad” program began a bit unorthodox and the first two weeks were in New York City. While New York isn’t exactly foreign, there was no shortage of fantastic food adventures. We’ll start off with one of my favorite hacks. For the rest of the program, we will be living with host families that will feed us, but in New York we were given a daily stipend to buy our own food with. Thanks to my mother, I instinctively began trying to figure out how I could make every penny count. My best food purchase? Talenti gelato. The gelato itself was merely okay, but the Talenti gelato container is the perfect Tupperware for traveling. The majority of days were full from the beginning to the end of the day and once I left the hostel in the morning, I wouldn’t be back until that night and that’s exactly when having a container for leftovers or for food I cooked in the hostel kitchen came in clutch.

a simple afternoon snack of fruit, granola, and yogurt in my handy dandy container


Leftover Falafels with rice on the subway? I think yes.


While I did save money, I did my best to still take advantage of being in a diverse city with amazing food. Above is a lovely place I went to with bomb tacos. Delish.


Whole hog BBQ


Mochi ice cream– matcha, passion fruit, and thai tea flavored ~very aesthetic~


Street Gyro- delicious, but messy, to eat

I have learned so much from these first two weeks of my program, I’ve had the opportunity to meet incredible people and organizations that are fighting for human rights in New York. I had initially written off these first two weeks as nothing more than an orientation, but as I hope my selection of food helps to exemplify, New York is an incredible city full of diversity and life and I’m grateful to have gotten a taste of it.