Journey to Stockholm

My journey to Stockholm begins soon, and I am beyond excited and grateful for this opportunity. As I think about what to expect, I stop myself. I do not want to have any expectations that must be met, and I truly want to go into this experience with an open mind. I have only researched a brief history, a rough summary of Swedish politics, and some common foods. The true culture of Sweden will remain a mystery until I arrive and get to know my surroundings.

One thing that I have thought a lot about is my core course, forensic psychology. I signed up for this course out of interest, although at some points I think about going down a related career path. Although I have the syllabus for the class, I’m not sure what to expect. When I think of forensic psychology, I think of an intersection between psychology and the law (but with an emphasis on psychology). But now I am noticing that it may be much more than that. Seeing as we will have classes on victimology, stalking, and prisoner rehabilitation, forensic psychology seems much more widespread than I had anticipated.

I am especially interested to see the Swedish perspective on law, crime, and psychology. Do they do things different there? What thoughts will my professor have about the systems in place? This is just one thing that I am interested to learn about, and I know there is much more to look forward to!