Field Studies in Sweden

One of the best things about the DIS program in Stockholm is the opportunity to go on field studies–to visit different organizations related to what we are studying, and learn what their all about. One that was particularly interesting was a visit to the Council of the Baltic Sea States, where we spoke with members of the human trafficking task force. They told us about their job, and how they create programs and campaigns designed to increase awareness and improve policies. We learned a lot about policies and legal documents in our human trafficking class, but it was great to see it in action, and to hear about their personal stories of helping victims of human trafficking.

For another field study, our professor took us the and MRI center to get brain images of some people in our class. It was interesting to see how the MRI machine was operated, and to look at the scans afterwards. As we learned about brain anatomy in class, it was cool to be able to look at the images and point out different parts of the brain that we recognized, or knew the locations of.

My latest field study was at a habilitation center for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. We got to take a tour of the facilities, and see where appointments and sessions are held. It was also interesting to hear about the different programs available for kids, like rock climbing and horse back riding, and how they can really improve their lives.

Field studies were an integral part of my experience in Stockholm, and helped me to gain new perspectives on the material I learned in class.