My Strangest Meal Ever

Hello everybody,

Given that in Córdoba we are only 150 miles from Morocco, there is significant Arabic influence here. Much of the architecture is reminiscent of its days as a Caliphate and the streets are full of Moroccan tea cafes and whatnot. Morocco is to Córdoba as Mexico is to Houston more or less. In fact, one of my roommates, Amin, is half Moroccan and damn proud of it. He is constantly showing me his favorite Moroccan bands, sharing stories of his family traditions and showing me pictures of his adventures in the Sahara. However, the other day I had to wander a bit further outside of my comfort zone in order to get an idea of typical Moroccan cuisine… I ate an entire lamb’s head!









And, thanks to Amin’s coaching, I stripped that thing cleaner than an order of late night wings at the Spa. Because Morocco has a history of poverty, its cultural traditions are very economical. In this instance, the Moroccan principal of wasting absolutely no food was hard at work. We ate the cheeks, the eyes, the brain, the roof of the mouth, the tongue…everything but the bones. And although some of you reading this might refuse to believe me, it was delicious! I especially enjoyed the eyes spread on a bit of bread.

This was easily the wildest food-based experience of my life and confirmed one of my firmest beliefs that great things come from pushing your comfort zone. Until next week, everyone!