Italy: My Search for Excuses to Say “Scusami”

Ciao dudes,

I went to Italy last weekend so I’m feeling especially cultured today. Accompanied by a few of my American friends, I spent a few days in Monterosso al Mare taking in some crazy views and more pasta than I thought humanly possible. Seriously…having carbonara for breakfast has officially been crossed off my bucket list. My takeaway from this carbo-loading session is that the rumors are true–Italy’s got some tasty food. My personal favorite was called “Black Spaghetti,” a special type of pasta that’s colored jet black with squid ink. 10/10 would recommend.

Further, as someone who grew up near the ocean it was beyond refreshing to spend some time near some salt water. We spent our afternoons splashin’ around and playin’ in the waves like absolute children–one of my favorite pass-times. Compared to the the murky and freezing cold Maine water, the Mediterranean seemed like a bright blue, crystal clear hot tub. Peep it!

 The cherry on top of the experience was the architectural aesthetic. This hilly landscape is far too difficult to flatten so multicolored homes and buildings are sprawled out on the hillsides. This made for some killer pics.

Overall, the Italian culture was very pleasant. One huge plus was that, given its proximity to Spain, I was in fact able to communicate with the majority of Italians using Spanish. This was especially helpful while we were at restaurants and whatnot. All said n’ done Italy is an unreal country!