My first 72 hours in Thailand!


Hey people of the Colby world!

It has been 72 hours that I’ve been in Thailand and it has been a rollercoaster ride. I’m a firm believer that us as a human race are so extremely connected, but imagine the confusion I must feel as I am here in this country surrounded by people that are suppose to be my “family” and I can barely even communicate with them. And, in fact, I feel more connected to mother nature’s beautiful landscapes and to the dogs roaming the streets than to the people.

At least that is what I thought.

my host family is 25 people large, I have 3 siblinings and a wide array of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. At first, I was not sure how to act because our communication was at a very low level. The conversations were only to the extent of “what is your favorite food” or “do you have any brothers and sisters”. And let me tell ya, when you’re in a place where there is no one like you and no one to really comfort you, small talk does not do the trick to get rid of the lonliness. But, through constant giggling, playing games, smiles, and noises, I have realized that my cousins and siblings are just like me: free spirited kids who just want to be happy and love each other.


One of my cousins is named Peace. She loves to follow me around, and has been calling me Pi Ariel because she thinks that my blonde curly hair and my tan skin reminds her of a Disney princess. She is such a happy soul, determined, curious, and not to mention adorable.

The actual way of living here takes some getting used to. You eat family style by taking one small bite from the large servers at a time, you cannot walk into any home with shoes on, you cannot raise your feet off the ground, and not to mention the toilets are too weak for toilet paper so you have to spray yourself with an extremely aggressive hose every time you go.


I am extremely hopeful to learn more about this beautiful and complex place. Here is a photo of me at temple.

Take it easy-