Thoughts Before Leaving

As of today, I leave for Hong Kong in 11 days. It has just recently begun to set in that I won’t be returning to the relative comfort of Colby’s campus, and my first reaction is one of anticipation. I am looking forward to being in a completely new environment, and learning about completely new things. I am, of course, slightly trepidatious, but am so overwhelmed by the possibilities of my time in Hong Kong that I haven’t had too much time to dwell on what could go wrong. So far on my list: Acupuncture, Thailand, Disneyland Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines (!!). The flights from Hong Kong to elsewhere in Asia are so much cheaper than they are here and I wouldn’t want to waste that opportunity.

Further, I hope to meet people from around the world. Chinese University of Hong Kong has a fairly extensive exchange program, so I’m curious to see what other kinds of people have been drawn to Hong Kong, and for what reasons. Based off of my past experiences, I expect the logistics to be a little shaky once I get there. I am unsure of how much has been a language/cultural barrier and how much has simply been communicating with a much larger university.

Finally, I am excited to be surrounded by Cantonese language and culture! I’m looking forward to hearing how the regional dialect is different from what I have learned, and am curious to see how much is familiar.