Patagonia arrival by Nathaniel Rees ’17

30248Nathaniel Rees ’17
Majors:  Studio Art and Environmental Policy
Round River Patagonia Program
Spring 2016

Re-posted from Round River Conservation Studies Blog

The last 5 days have been surreal. It seems like yesterday that we arrived in Coyhaique, bleary-eyed and in desperate need of a bathroom (too many in-flight Cokes). Yet tomorrow, we leave for a three-week backpacking conservation trip through the fjords of Bernardo O’Higgin’s National Park, and stoke levels couldn’t be higher. Continue reading “Patagonia arrival by Nathaniel Rees ’17”

Climbing Walsh’s Pyramid by Greyson Butler ’17

UntitledGreyson Butler ’17
Biology major
School for Field Studies: Tropical Rainforest Studies, Australia
Fall 2015

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After two weeks of hard work studying tree-kangaroos, tooth-billed bowerbirds, and the interface of ecotourism and indigenous culture, it was definitely time for a well-deserved brain break for all of us here at Warrawee. This much-needed time off came in the form of our last Cairns weekend of the semester, where we get to spend most of Saturday and Sunday exploring the wealth of entertainment the Wet Tropics provides to travelers Continue reading “Climbing Walsh’s Pyramid by Greyson Butler ’17”

Into the Bush By Emma Rosenfield ’16


Emma Rosenfield ‘16
Majors: Biology and Art:Studio
Round River Conservation Studies, Botswana
(Spring 2015)

Re-posted with permission from the Round River Blog

What a week! In preparation for our great journey into the bush, we practiced birding on a sunset cruise, met with various organizations to learn about fieldwork, and cut a few inches off of Hailey’s hair. With everything packed onto/into the three vehicles, we headed out on Wednesday for Santawani. We drove from pavement to dirt roads to tracks amidst towering grasses. After living in camp with monkeys

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From Flamenco to Squares! by Josh Reed ‘17

C262-Oct-4-2015small.jpgJosh Reed ‘17
Environmental Policy
SEA Semester: Sustainability in Polynesian Island Cultures & Ecosystems
Fall 2015

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Today marks the first full day back at sea. After a brief delay in Cadiz, we are en route to Medeira! Before I dive too deep into talking about today, I want to back track a few days to our night out in Cadiz last Tuesday. After a long day venturing through a city thousands of years old, we came back to the ship to ready ourselves for the evening in the city. With everyone Continue reading –

10/4/15  On Our Way to Mallorca



In Valle Chacabuco By Robin Lewis ’17

Robin Lewis

Robin Lewis ’17
Environmental Policy major, Creative Writing Minor
Round River Conservation Patagonia, Chile
(Fall 2015)

Re-posted with permission from the Round River Blog

It’s a strange thing to become desensitized to a place like this, but it is happening—slowly. For example, I know now to expect mountains when I unzip my tent in the morning. I am not surprised to find frost on the ground from time to time, or to see new snow above the distant tree line. Everyday I find the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. No camera can capture the view, but I am still trying.

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Another Day in the Pacific by Todd Manley ‘17

s262-20151016_Manley_sm.jpgTodd Manley ‘17
Major: History; Minor : Managerial Economics
SEA Semester: Ocean Exploration
Fall 2015

Re-posted from the SEA Semester Blog SEA Currents

Life aboard the Robert C. Seamans is never dull. Practical jokes and unpredictable weather seem to keep everyone on their toes and in high spirits. Just yesterday Rachel was on the science deck when, unbeknownst to her, a rogue wave came and gave her a hearty salt water shower. Continue reading –