Travel Bug by Jayson Ito-Adler ’13


Jayson Ito-Adler ’13
Global Studies Major
Butler University-Mexico, Mexico, Spring 2011
CIEE Alicante, Spain, Spring 2012
Currently teaching English in Thailand through CIEE Teach Abroad

My four years at Colby would have been painfully incomplete without either of my semesters abroad (I was a Global Studies major – isn’t studying abroad what we were supposed to do?). I was fortunate to spend five months in the former Mayan capital of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Merida, and later six months in Alicante, a small city on Spain’s scenic Mediterranean coastline. These stretches of time were defining for me in many ways, a series of opportunities to overcome challenging situations and discover what I truly find important. Continue reading “Travel Bug by Jayson Ito-Adler ’13”

Why should you study abroad? by Elena Kirillova ‘14

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Elena Kirillova ‘14
East Asian Studies major / Computer Science minor
Associated Kyoto Program, Japan
Academic Year 2012-2013

As I was wracking my brain trying to figure out why I went abroad, I realized that I myself never had a concrete reason or a proper goal for doing it. My reasoning has always gone something like this, why not just go and see what happens? Continue reading “Why should you study abroad? by Elena Kirillova ‘14”

Leave Your Comfort Zone at Home, You Don’t Need It Anymore by Kara Witherill ’15

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Kara Witherill ‘15
Global Studies Major; Chemistry and German Minors
AUCP Marseille, France Fall 2013
Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program in Germany 2015-16  

Kara 1
Germany 2015


Embrace being uncomfortable.

Whether you’re studying, working, or just visiting a foreign country, there is nothing more freeing than letting go of the safety net and taking that proverbial step outside of your comfort zone – and staying there. Continue reading “Leave Your Comfort Zone at Home, You Don’t Need It Anymore by Kara Witherill ’15”