My Semester Abroad at the University of Haifa by Brooke Gentry ’18

20161227_Study-Abroad_Blog_Brooke-Gentry_Akko-820x1024Brooke Gentry ’18
Major: Religious Studies
University of Haifa
Fall 2017

I returned from an amazing five months at the University of Haifa this past Friday.  

During my time at the University, I worked with the International School’s Marketing Director Michal Gotliv on some social media presence for the University. Part of this was writing weekly blogs about my experience. 

These blogs can be found below. The website itself has multiple student blog entries. Mine are signed with Brooke Gentry, Atlanta, GA, Colby College. They go back in the archive to August.

Recently, one of my blog posts was selected and uploaded to MASA’s (MASA is an organization responsible for most study abroad programs in Israel) website and facebook page. The link to that post is here: