Current Research Team

 Bridget Horwood ’19

I’m a senior from Westchester, New York. I am double majoring in Psychology and French with a minor in managerial economics. I joined the lab my freshman year and since then have been working on a project comparing the memory benefits of testing and enactment in learning Chemistry. Other activities that I am involved in on campus include being a member of the Varsity Women’s Lacrosse Team and a Colby Cares About Kids mentor.


Cole Walsh ’19

I am a senior from Falmouth, Maine, majoring in Psychology and English! I am excited to be working in the Memory & Language Lab in conjunction with the Cognitive Development Lab to examine how cognition changes across the lifespan. On campus, I am involved with Powder & Wig and Mediocre acapella! I can also usually be found drinking tea and watching period dramas.


Tamar Cimenian ’20

I am a junior from Wells, Maine, majoring in psychology with a double minor in astronomy and Russian. I joined the cognitive and baby labs over the summer and have had a blast working on current event memory and toddler acculturation projects! I also work as a Russian tutor and am a member of the Academic Integrity Committee. Outside of classes I do far too many things, including wind ensemble, taiko drumming, fencing, running, theatre, and dance. I can usually be found reading strange books and wearing strange hats.


Yi Feng ’20

Hi! Here is Yi, a junior from Guangzhou, China. I double major in Psychology and Computer Science, trying to study artificial and natural intelligence (hopefully.) I joined the lab in my first-year summer. One thing I like the best about that summer was that interacting with older adults, who usually love to share their life stories with college kids and really have amazing stories to tell!

Katilin McManus ’20

I’m a junior from Falmouth, Massachusetts! I am double majoring in Psychology and Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience. I joined the lab at the beginning of this year and have been working on a few false memory projects. On campus, I am also a tutor for Psychology, and I’m involved in several clubs including Active Minds and Partners in Health Engage. I love days at the beach, running, psychological thrillers, and eating peanut butter.



Kai Chang ’21

I’m a sophomore at Colby. I wanted to kill a requirement by taking psych, …and I ended up here, probably because I found it interesting figuring out how minds work. I like sleeping and meditating (which is doing nothing with eyes closed) and that’s why I’m so jealous of this cat.



Hannah Johnson ’21

I’m a sophomore from Lancaster, PA, majoring in psychology with a concentration in neuroscience! I joined the Memory and Language Lab at the start of my second semester of sophomore year after my involvement in the Colby Legacy Storytellers Program. I’m currently a Student Government Association senator, a member of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship & MultiFaith Council, and a big Mumford and Sons fan!


Joanna Zeng ’22

I am a Freshman from Sichuan China. I haven’t declared my major yet but I’m really interested in Psychology and Neuroscience. I joined the lab this year and I’m excited to be working on several interesting memory projects here. I love jogging (but probably not in Maine’s winter), playing badminton, and reading books about fun facts.