In 2009, Dr. Paul Berkner, Joseph Atkins, PhD and Dr. William Heinz, formed the Maine Concussion Management Initiative (MCMI).

Their mission:

To improve the safety of Maine’s youth by increasing awareness, promoting advocacy, and standardizing the management of activity related concussions.

They worked with schools – their administrators, coaches, athletic trainers, nurses, parents, and athletes (along with the medical community) to reduce the real and lasting dangers of traumatic brain injury. They did this work through education, outreach and advocacy.  They succeed with input from multiple disciplines and interested parties,  including an involved and active board of directors.

As time moved forward, (and with the support of the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement) so did MCMI.  This growing organization – allied with and based at Colby College – went on to earn the trust and participation of more than 100 Maine high schools and middle schools.

MCMI educated coaches, athletic trainers, trained local doctors and school nurses on the risk and signs of concussion.

Right now, MCMI is collaborating with the Harvard Medical School, Boston Children’s and Spaulding Rehabilitation hospitals on groundbreaking new concussion research.


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