Mapping Waterville

Mapping Mayflower Hill

“Mapping Mayflower Hill” tracks the development of farmland to Colby College campus, between 1929 and 1951.

Mill Workers in Waterville

“Mill Workers in Waterville” examines the tightly knit social and spatial networks of the city’s factory workers.

Prospérité à la Pauvreté

“Prospérité à la Pauvreté” explores responses to deindustrialization in Waterville’s French Canadian South End.

North Street Development

“North Street” charts development between North and Main Streets between 1928 and 1960.

The North End

“The North End” considers housing and social interaction in a Waterville neighborhood during the Great Depression.

about Mapping Waterville

This project features student work from Mapping Waterville (AM221), a humanities lab course at Colby College. It relied on the generosity and…

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