I have taught a number of courses related to Latin American politics, democratic quality and citizenship, social movements, political economy, and research methods.  Below, you can find the syllabi for these courses.  If you are affiliated with Colby, you can also access the websites that I have set up for each of my courses, which include syllabi, study questions, assignments, video lectures, and more. 

Government 253, Latin American Politics: website, syllabus

Government 264, Democracy and Human Rights in Latin America: website, syllabus

Government 221, Capitalism and Its Critics: website, syllabus

Government 281, Concepts and Methods in Political Science Research: website, syllabus

Government 456, Civil Society and Social Change in Latin America: website, syllabus

During the 2015-16 year, I was named a Faculty Instructional Technology Fellow at Colby, enabling me to flip my methods course.  Check out this brief video for more on that experience.  You can view over 40 video lectures that I created for the flipped methods course via this link.