2009-2010 Academic Year

Ben Amy – Uruguay

As I sat on the sun-baked grass of my uncle’s ranch, the only thing vibrating in my soul was pure happiness. I went to Uruguay thinking I would have a cool work opportunity to share with the Colby community. I left Uruguay with a renewed passion to live life and enjoy every second of every day. There were both ups and downs to my trip: I made many friends, reconnected with family members, laughed, cried, and fell in love with a country that I can now call a home away from home. What exactly did I accomplish there? In an academic sense, I worked for my Mom’s godson helping him subtitle a documentary he made about gauchos (a sort of cowboy-like figure in the region). The work was challenging, but exhilarating. However, I accomplished much more than a mere internship. The Latin American Studies Program gave me the opportunity of a lifetime, and I loved it so much I nearly extended my stay indefinitely. Alas, I heard the bells of academia ringing and the student inside me persuaded me to continue with my academic career. So here I am in the frozen tundra of central Maine longing to feel the coarse bite of sun-baked grass against my darkened skin. Before I left, my Dad (a native Uruguayan) assured me I would fall in love. While there were many beautiful women everywhere I went, the one I fell in love with was the country itself. Saying thank you to Colby would be a disservice, it simply won’t suffice.  LAS offered me much more than an academic endeavor; they offered me a chance to define myself and to explore life.

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