2007-2008 Academic Year

Sabrina Correll

Riva Eiferman – Argentina

During the summer of 2009 I traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to produce a photo film on the Jewish community in the city.  Generously supported by The Walker Grant and the Goldfarb Center, I embarked on a two-month adventure with a voice recorder in one hand and a camera in the other.  I wanted to explore the level of anti-Semitism among young Argentines and was interested by the possibilities of a multimedia production.  Throughout my stay I met many different people and, thanks to the Argentine tendency to talk endlessly, was able to conduct a number of thoughtful interviews.

Upon returning, I reviewed the photographs and interviews and put them together into a final film.  I presented the film to the Colby Community as well as to smaller classes in the Spanish department.  In both settings the presentation lead to a discussion about religious tolerance, in general, and the Jewish community in Buenos Aires, in particular.  For many, it was the first time hearing about the topic.

The experience of creating and completing this project was an incredibly meaningful and educational one.  Not only did it improve my Spanish skills, but it was also a creative learning experience that allowed me to foster personal connections with young Argentines.  In the future, I hope to use the technical, linguistic and personal skills that I developed in making this project to continue the process of open dialogue through creative media.

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