2006-2007 Academic Year

Emma Conroy – Peru

Emma was awarded a Walker Fellowship for a volunteer internship position in La Casa de Panchita in Lima, Peru during January.  The organization provides community resources for domestic workers who are treated poorly by their employers.  Emma improved her language skills and, in the process of spending time and working intimately with local Peruvians, gained extensive knowledge of Peruvian culture, which she hoped to bring back to the Colby classroom.  Her cultural understanding and improved fluency in Spanish later enriched her experience when she studied abroad in Latin America.

Abigail Hall – Chile

Abigail was awarded a Walker Fellowship to conduct field research to complete her Senior Honors Thesis for Latin American Studies in Santiago, Chile.  She studied the social and political effects of the Chilean student protest of 2006 in specific regards to how the protest reflected social inequalities and the failure of Chile’s new democratic government to address them.  She used anthropological research methods to interview those involved, both as participants and observers.

Patrick Findaro  – Costa Rica

Patrick was awarded a Walker Fellowship to take group Spanish classes in Costa Rica during January.  He also stayed with a Costa Rican host family which helped him increase his fluency in Spanish and his knowledge of local culture.  As a Latin American Studies and Economics double-major, Patrick hoped to pursue a career in Latin America and hoped that his time in Costa Rica would widen his understanding of the area.

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