CN 126 (Elementary Chinese II)

This semester we will continue to learnCastOfCharacters copy the basic patterns of Mandarin Chinese.  The format of the course will be essentially the same as last semester.  We will finish up the last two lessons of Integrated Chinese Level I Part 1 and cover the first six lessons of Level I Part Two.  Vocabulary will be introduced in the pinyin romanization system; we will learn characters in their simplified form.

Course Learning Goals (for lesson-specific communicative goals see the course lesson plans):

  1. Improve accuracy of pronunciation, and control of tones in sentence-length, and paragraph-length utterances.
  2. Learn to recognize and write an additional approximately 140 characters
  3. Master basic sentence patterns, and become familiar with the concepts of verb aspect and verb complements.  Learn ways to connect single sentences as compound sentences, and/or as paragraph-length utterances.
  4. Be able to employ all four language modalities (speaking, listening, reading and writing) to conduct simple conversations and daily interactions in settings beyond the home and the classroom.


Integrated Chinese Level I Part 1 and Part 2, 3rd Edition (Textbook, Character Workbook & Workbook) Tao-chung Yao et al (Boston: Cheng and Ts’ui Company, 2009).

Course Moodle Page (This page includes the course schedule and class materials.  It is open to enrolled students.  E-mail me at if you would like access.)

LRC Resources

  • Tapes accompanying “Integrated Chinese” Level 1 Part 1 Textbook, & Level 1 Part 1 Workbook (3rd edition) can be accessed through the LRC Virtual Listening Lab You may also access the videos that accompany our lessons through the Chinese VLL site.
  • Instructions on how to configure your computer to download and access MPEG4 files (for the Bihua project among other uses.)
  • Instructions on how to make sound files and send them. (For your oral assignments.)

Internet Resources for Beginning Chinese Language Study