Monteverde seeds

Below is a list of seeds that Ryan Malloy, Martha Garro Cruz, Guadalupe Cruz Rodriguez and I collected from seed traps and from mist-netted birds in the vicinity of Monteverde, Costa Rica, in 2012-13.  Also included are species that we collected as voucher specimens but did not recover from seed traps or mist nets.  Photos of the seeds can be seen by clicking on the species name.  This database provides information about the date, site, and source of the seeds (seed trap versus collection from a particular mist-netted bird species).  Identifications were carried out using Greg Murray’s seed collection as well as vouchers collected in 2012-13 and identified by local experts including Lucas Ramirez and Nelson Zamora. More details can be found in our 2017 Biotropica paper.

 Acanthaceae       Justicia arborescens (voucher)
 Adoxaceae         Viburnum costaricanum
 Amaranthaceae     Pleuropetalum sprucei (voucher)
 Apocynaceae       Stemmadenia litoralis (voucher)
 Araceae           Anthurium sp
 Araliaceae        Dendropanax arboreus cf.
 Araliaceae        Dendropanax querceti
 Araliaceae        Oreopanax oerstediana
 Araliaceae        Oreopanax xalapensis
 Asteraceae        Clibadium sp.
 Asteraceae        Montanoa guatemalensis (voucher)
 Boraginaceae      Cordia eriostigma (voucher)
 Boraginaceae      Tournefortia hirsutissima
 Commelinaceae     Tradescantia zanonia cf.
 Ericaceae         Cavendishia complectens cf.
 Euphorbiaceae     Hyeronima oblonga
 Euphorbiaceae     Sapium glandulosum
 Fabaceae          Rhynchosia erythrinoides
 Loranthaceae      Psittacanthus schiedeanus (voucher)
 Malpighiaceae     Malpighia glabra (voucher)
 Malvaceae         Malvaviscus palmanus
 Marcgraviaceae    Marcgravia brownei cf.
 Marcgraviaceae    Ruyschia phylladenia
 Melastomataceae   Conostegia oerstediana
 Melastomataceae   Conostegia xalapensis
 Moraceae          Ficus pertusa
 Moraceae          Ficus tuerckheimii cf.
 Moraceae          Sorocea trophoides (voucher)
 Myrsinaceae       Ardisia coompressa (voucher)
 Myrsinaceae       Ardisia palmana cf.
 Myrtaceae         Psidium guajava (voucher)
 Papaveraceae      Bocconia frutescens (voucher)
 Phytolaccaceae    Phytolacca rivinoides (voucher)
 Picramniaceae     Picramnia antidesma (voucher)
 Piperaceae        Piper sp.
 Rosaceae          Rubus rosifolius (voucher)
 Rosaceae          Rubus urticifolius (voucher)
 Rubiaceae         Hamelia patens
 Rubiaceae         Hoffmannia sp.
 Rubiaceae         Palicourea padifolia (voucher)
 Rubiaceae         Psychotria horizontalis
 Rubiaceae         Psychotria panamensis
 Rubiaceae         Psychotria quinqueradiata (voucher)
 Rubiaceae         Psychotria recordiana
 Rubiaceae         Psychotria uliginosa (voucher)
 Rutaceae          Zanthoxylum fagara (voucher)
 Sabiaceae         Meliosma idiopoda (voucher)
 Salicaceae        Casearia sylvestris (voucher)
 Salicaceae        Hasseltia floribunda (voucher)
 Sapindaceae       Cupania glabra
 Siparunaceae      Siparuna tonduziana
 Smilacaceae       Smilax spinosa
 Solanaceae        Acnistus arborescens
 Solanaceae        Lycianthes sp.
 Solanaceae        Solanum cordovense
 Solanaceae        Witheringia meiantha
 Solanaceae        Witheringia solanacea
 Thymelaeaceae     Daphnopsis americana (voucher)
 Urticacaceae      Cecropia obtusifolia
 Urticaceae        Urera elata
 Verbenaceae       Citharexylum costaricense (voucher)
 Viscaceae         Phoradendron sp.
 Vitaceae          Cissus verticillata (voucher)
 Vitaceae          Vitis trifoliata (voucher)