There are several social situations that resulted in increased interaction between Jewish children, including summer camp, youth organizations, and dances.

Membership in clubs becomes an integral part of socialization, especially for small-town Jewish minorities. Through membership in clubs the Jewish youth were educated in genteel activities and also became more Americanized and assimilated within mainstream society. More opportunities for community involvement also created instances for increased interfaith communication and reflected the greater need for acculturation within society. As Lee Weissbach states in Jewish Life in Small Town America, “organizations created by East European Jews began to sponsor such all-American institutions as sports teams and scout troops, was yet another sign that Jewish leaders understood the need for acculturation and that public-school-educated children and grandchildren of the immigrant generation were entering the American mainstream.”

For more information on social institutions that contributed to the lives of the youth in small towns see Peter Rose’s Strangers in their Midst.

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