Maine + Jewish: Two Centuries

Oct 23rd, 2018
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Check out the exhibit on Jewish life in Maine at the Maine State Museum, running through Oct. 21, 2019! This exhibit builds on a decade of research by Colby students and faculty as well as other community historians. To whet your appetite, and for those who cannot visit the museum in person, you can access online the exhibit booklet (with an essay by David Freidenreich) and three digital presentations by Colby students that appear within the gallery itself. (Colby students also designed the educational programs that accompany this exhibit.


With a Little Help from My Friends…

Nov 2nd, 2016
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The latest addition to this website is a co-authored essay by David M. Freidenreich and Kristin Esdale ’16, “With a Little Help from My Friends: Jewish Mutual Assistance in Nineteenth-Century Maine.” This is a pre-publication draft of an article that will appear in Maine History, but perhaps not until 2020 due to a backlog of articles awaiting publication. Not only does this article describe the ways in which some of Maine’s earliest Jews tried to support one another, its very existence reflects the faculty-student collaboration at the heart of Colby’s Maine Jewish History Project. We all benefit from a little help!


Jewish immigrants in Maine

May 20th, 2015
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This year, students researched the experiences of Jewish immigrants who made Maine their home.  Read their work, or watch videos of the presentations they delivered at the Maine Migrations, Past and Present conference:

Of related interest is the following Maine Migrations presentation: “Jews and higher education in early 20th-century Lewiston-Auburn,” by David Freidenreich