Who is ultimately in charge?



Futurism and Surrealism

Throughout Gianluca Rizzo’s lecture last week, I couldn’t help thinking about the similarities between futurism and surrealism. There is no doubt that futurism spawned the surrealism movement — both movements reject realistic representations of the world, reimagining what is normal, what… Continue Reading →

Machine–the King of the World?

In 1910, in the limelight of Chiarella Theater of Turin, the first manifesto of futurists was unveiled. A notable characteristic of this fiesta was a shift in the interest of artists. Futurism does not permit artists, extending to us, regular… Continue Reading →


Gianluca did something really interesting at the start of his lecture, which was to recount and summarize all of the previous lectures, and direct their ideas towards the theme of his own lecture. In addition, I’m not sure if this… Continue Reading →

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