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September 29

A Fridge and the Future

When the two lectures began, I assumed there would not be much overlap. I mean what does refrigeration and landscape futures have in common? Turns out way more than people initially think. One image that will stick with me, and… Continue Reading →

Evolution and Artifacts

Two things stood out to me about last night’s talk, one for each speaker.  First was when Nicola Twilley talked about the way that refrigeration has so radically changed the way we see our food that we no longer have… Continue Reading →


After last night’s lecture, I’m fascinated by the way that the term “fresh” has changed over time. More specifically, I’m interested in how marketers for certain foods and drinks use the term “fresh” as a tool to appeal to customers…. Continue Reading →

Redefining Freshness

My favorite room in my house is the kitchen. I check the refrigerator almost every time I go into my kitchen, as I’m sure many other can agree. It is an important part of our lives whether we are aware… Continue Reading →

refrigeration runs our nation

The US is refrigerated. It runs our culture. Anywhere from flower shipment to long term apple storage, everything in our food system relies in some way to refrigeration. Foods have highly engineered and highly specialized mega fridges that are designed… Continue Reading →

A fridge, nothing special, right?

1805 is a special year—in that year, the first refrigerator was designed. From there, people have been improving and refining its design and in 1844, physician John Gorrie built a vapor-compression refrigerator / icemaker to cool down the air for… Continue Reading →

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