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September 29

Thinking from New Perspectives

I really enjoyed that both of this week’s lectures caused me to think about things I normally don’t contemplate. For instance, like most people, I take the concept of refrigeration for granted. While I am tangentially aware of the changes… Continue Reading →

Landscapes ahead, with Fridges at our feet

Fridges have become an integral part of our food system, so much so that we can transport food from California, and still have it be ready to eat when we find it in the WalMart grocery store in Maine. As… Continue Reading →

What are we tasting?

The food industry likes economies of scale. As populations blooms and lands become tarnished; what is the future of our food and what will it taste like? There is a lot that is done to food in the growing process… Continue Reading →

The sound of Western civilization

These lectures were enlightening. Nicola Twilley and Geoff Manaugh provided us with clear examples of how economy, geography and even taste changed, over the past years, due to human behavior. Nowadays we take for granted all our technological devices that make our… Continue Reading →

Food Fears: Refrigeration and GMOs

My entire life, I have refrigerated my soy milk. Because I buy it refrigerated, I always assumed it had to be refrigerated (plus, I think it tastes better cold). I had a minor existential crisis during Nicola Twilley’s talk, when she revealed… Continue Reading →

fridges change idea about food

I was very intrigued with the fact that she pointed out people view things as healthier if they are refrigerated. The relationship with the fridge, however, has changed since it was first invented. When first created it was viewed as… Continue Reading →

Unseen Effects of Common Convenience

I was very impressed by the Tuesday night’s lecture on the something as seemingly ‘invisible’ as the speaker put it, as refrigeration. A relatively recent technology, we seem to have forgotten about the technology that has completely changed the way… Continue Reading →

Ice Cold

Fridges have been such a constant in my life that I have never acknowledged the extent to which fridges have changed the food industry and how we feed ourselves. An appliance that that has only recently in human history become… Continue Reading →

The Fridge!

I really enjoyed last night’s lecture. When Nicola Twilley first said that she was going to be talking to us about refrigeration, I was a little worried about where the talk was going. But it was fascinating! I have never… Continue Reading →

What would life be without the fridge?

In all honesty, I really cannot imagine how different my life would be without the invention of the refrigerator. What should certainly be considered a modern marvel has become so commonplace that its presence in our kitchens, dorm rooms, convenience… Continue Reading →

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