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September 22

Illusions Mistaken for Reality

I loved Plesch’s lecture about mimesis, and especially enjoyed seeing what realness in painting can do to our mind. One painter painted grapes looking so real that birds flew at them. Another painted a curtain, looking like it was covering a painting… Continue Reading →

Painting vs Poetry

Is painting really better than poetry? “While poetry extends to the figuration of forms, actions, and place in words, the painter is moved by the real similitudes of forms to counterfeit these forms”, Leonardo da Vinci says. Which is a… Continue Reading →


When looking at art from the Italian renaissance and art from the Northern Renaissance, one can notice a startling difference in painting styles. The Italian Renaissance artist would paint idealistic portraits of people, places, and things on frescos. The modern… Continue Reading →

Art and Human Existence

The development of art was a very important one for the course of human history. The ability to spend time and energy, then focus it on something other than surviving was a huge step forward for early humans. Ever since… Continue Reading →

The Reality of Religious Paintings

This week’s lecture caused me to question the nature of religious reality with regards to painted portrayals of religious events. Part of mimesis, the portrayal of the natural world through a medium such as painting, has something to do with… Continue Reading →

Nothing in a Vacuum

Personally, I prefer poetry to painting. I find great strength in the written and spoken word, so last week’s lecture attempted to challenge my assumptions surrounding poetry versus painting. At times throughout the lecture, I struggled to connect the topic… Continue Reading →

Nature on something flat

What struck me most during the presentation was the breathtaking detail produced by artists with oil. Whenever I look at a piece of art, the ones that impact me the most are those that are most realistic and detailed. I… Continue Reading →

Art in History

I loved the lecture from this week. I have never taken an art history class, so this particular lecture was a very unique experience for me. Art portrays so much meaning behind little details. For example, a candlewick could be… Continue Reading →

Nature, Art, and Science

The concept of mimesis provides a fascinating context from which to examine the relationship between nature and art. Nature–that which is found in the natural world–is inextricably related to art (artifice)–that which is artificial or man-made–in that art is certainly… Continue Reading →

Graffiti in a Glance

The first slide of the presentation from the last seminar perfectly provided a definition of Mimesis, a topic I had not previously encountered. This slide was not a renaissance painting (the main focus of the presentation), but a picture of… Continue Reading →

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