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September 15

Curating the Anthropocene

The idea that struck me the most about the lecture this week was the idea that there are some that think that the Anthropocene can be gathered together and put into an exhibit. While it is a hot topic that… Continue Reading →

Relief In Sight?

When I heard about the term Anthropocene for the first time I was both intrigued and scared. What intrigued me about the anthropocene term was that we as humans are the cause for much of the extinction due to all… Continue Reading →

Nearing A Cliff

Reading others’ posts and hearing the discussion in the lecture, it seems like there is much worry about the Anthropocene coming to an end, humans nearing an ever imposing cliff, like a car never able to stop. The underwater sculpture… Continue Reading →

Curating the Anthropocene

One aspect of this week’s lecture that I found particularly interesting was the mention of museum exhibits and curating the Anthropocene. Because we are currently creating the Anthropocene, the way we portray it to ourselves could have quite an impact… Continue Reading →

Defining the beginning of the Anthropocene

When considering the possibility of a new epoch in the geologic timescale of the earth, it is both important yet challenging to attempt to determine when this new epoch began. The beginning of the Anthropocene, as it is known, could… Continue Reading →

A new word for me: Anthropocene

While I had encountered some of the concepts Professor Fleming engaged with during his talk, “Human/Nature in the Anthropocene,”  the word “Anthropocene” was brand new to me. To put the time we are living in, and the era of humans as the dominant… Continue Reading →

Humans as a part of nature

Looking at how humans  survive when compared to other animals, it is not surprising that there is an age of humans, but not an age for other animals. Humans along with most other animals manipulate their surrounding nature in order… Continue Reading →

Information and communication first

The biggest question that came to my mind after the lecture was: what do we do now? People are mature enough to understand the gravity of the situation. The smartest way to face the responsibilities that come from our reckless… Continue Reading →

Human “Slash” Nature or Human “Over” Nature?

I was first drawn to this class because of a previous discussion I had last year around humans and nature. Essentially, this discussion was–and because of its infinite structure, is–founded on the concept that as humans, we have claimed the title… Continue Reading →

Raise Awareness

Our planet has gone through some very drastic changes since the start of the Anthropocene, Earth’s most recent epoch.  Temperatures have risen, a hole in the ozone layer has grown, and many types of animals and vegetation have become extinct…. Continue Reading →

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