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October 6

Futurism and the Role of War

We had an incredibly interesting talk last week about the concept of futurism within 1930’s Italian society. This revolutionary idea manifested itself as both an art style and a mindset that was really crystalized throughout the decade by several respected… Continue Reading →

Justifying Futurism

Initially, I was baffled by professor Gianluca Rizzo’s description of Futurism. It seemed unthinkable that someone would advocate for violent war as a way to create utopia. Parts of Futurism – the emphasis on fighting blandness, the wacky clothing –… Continue Reading →


Professor Ricco’s lecture on futurism was, in reality, quite frightening when one looks at their beliefs. They were interested in destruction, and anti establishment. They were a group of individuals who were anti tradition and were perpetually in search of… Continue Reading →

To the Grenade: Thank You

Machines will kill you, and it will kill nature, and it will destroy all land known to man. The futurists wanted this destruction caused to nature, believing that machines were more preferable, and that men with war scars, injured or… Continue Reading →

Marinetti’s different ideals

It is amazing to think of how differently Marinetti would follow some of what he said in regards to futurism and would not follow other things. Although he was from Italy, he decided that pasta was a food that one… Continue Reading →

Futurism and Nature

The last lecture we had was on futurism, a social movement that focused especially on technology. Futurism was a term that I had heard of before, but never really cared to investigate further. After Tuesday’s lecture, I was interested by… Continue Reading →

War and destruction = beauty

In 1908, Marinetti (how also liked to call himself the “caffeine of Europe”) initiated the movement of Futurism by published the “Manifesto of Futurism”, in which he rejects all practices of how nature has been viewed before and highlights the importance of industry, machines,… Continue Reading →

Advancing towards the future

It seems that man has always wondered about what the future holds. Even today, we look forward with curiosity regarding what is to come. So, what does the future entail? War, the reinvention of nature, and the absence of pasta,… Continue Reading →

Too Machine Like?

One thing that I found really interesting about futurism is that they do not like nature. I feel like nature is something that is so beautiful that even if you don’t really like it, you can still enjoy it. However,… Continue Reading →

Futurism and Surrealism

Throughout Gianluca Rizzo’s lecture last week, I couldn’t help thinking about the similarities between futurism and surrealism. There is no doubt that futurism spawned the surrealism movement — both movements reject realistic representations of the world, reimagining what is normal, what… Continue Reading →

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