Who is ultimately in charge?


October 20

Capturing the Moment

Photography is, according to Professor Traub, the art of extraction. When you take someone’s photograph, you take their presentation of self in that one moment and freeze it forever. What I thought was an interesting, thought-provoking question Traub brought up… Continue Reading →

Photographic Realism?

Of all the speakers which we have had so far for this class, I think that Charles Traub is one of the most relevant to our Human/Nature theme.  As the photographs on his website show, he has experience both as… Continue Reading →

Photographs and Ordinary People

A quote that really stood out to me from this talk was when Traub talked about something his mentor said, “the only nature I’m really interested in is my own”. In some ways I really agree with this statement and… Continue Reading →

The Eye of the Beholder

In tonight’s lecture, as Professor Traub was speaking about his portrait photography and about how he had begun to interview the people he photographed, I immediately thought of Humans of New York, and how the projects seemed very similar.  Later,… Continue Reading →


Why do we take pictures, and what do we do with the pictures we take? Over fall break a few of my friends were talking about how a big chunk of our generation takes pictures “for the instagram,” “for the… Continue Reading →

Purely Human

The combination of humans and nature can both be found in the streets. The landscape is set for both artificial and natural settings. The juxtaposition of human and city shows how closely related both are. Traub’s photos show this amazing… Continue Reading →

What would you like for lunch?

He makes a very interesting point which is that nature is very important in allowing “city folk” to feel connected. Nature has a positive and a negative side. His black and white work began on the beaches of Chicago, which… Continue Reading →

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