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The Beauty of Modern Barriers

To be honest, I am still unsure of how I felt about Charles Traub’s lecture. I found his photographs beautiful and intriguing, and I have great appreciation for his ability to capture these fleeting moments, as he said, in such… Continue Reading →

Lunchtime isn’t just for lunch

Charles Traub’s talk titled, “The Sweet Way,” focused on his photography of the real world. Of the multiple projects of his that Traub’s introduced us to, I wanted to focus on Lunchtime, a collection of his street portraits taken in… Continue Reading →

Everyone Gave An Extra 10 Seconds For the Nudes When Flipping Through the Album

A photographer may argue that a picture is worth a thousand words. A good photographer would probably beg to differ. On Tuesday night, we were honored to have Mr. Traub as our guest and talking about photography in the modern… Continue Reading →

Making lunchtime

During Charles Traub’s lecture entitled “The Sweet Way,” I found the story behind his book lunchtime interesting and the idea of whether or not it could be duplicated again in modern day intrigued me. When he was first started showing… Continue Reading →

Focus on the human nature

At the start of his lecture, Charles Traub quoted Aaron Siskind when he said “the only nature I am interested in is my own nature”. But these words where promptly denied by his works that showed us his actual interest… Continue Reading →

Human nature in a mask

Charles Traub’s street portrait work seemed to attempt to capture human nature in a photograph. By finding people in their own “natural habitat”–in public, not any sort of private studio–he was able to create a true portrait of the individual…. Continue Reading →

It’s lunch time

I really enjoyed looking at Charles A. Traub Lunch Time photographs. It incorporates many portrays of a diverse group of people who are all out on the streets, at the very same time for the same purpose. No matter who you are, where you are coming… Continue Reading →


Traub’s work comments on some truly human behavior. He goes out and takes pictures of people that are interesting to him, his interest could be sparked by clothing choice, unique appearance, or anything else that stands out to him.He says… Continue Reading →

Humans and Photography

Due to the imperfections of memory, we often rely on other mediums to help us remember what we often forget about ourselves. Photography is a medium that we have turned to facilitate our memories as it can capture a moment… Continue Reading →

Human/Nature or “human nature”

Initially, I found Charles Traub’s presentation on his street portraits to be slightly irrelevant to the “Human/Nature” theme of the course. Traub’s initial black and white landscape photos captured the aesthetic beauty of the natural world, and clearly embodied the… Continue Reading →

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