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November 17

The Male Gaze in Seville’s “Plan”

To say the discussion on Extreme Makeovers: Visual Culture of Plastic Culture was disturbing would be an understatement. Tanya Sheehan did a wonderful job of facilitating questions, discussions, and insight around the topics, but it never fails to amaze and… Continue Reading →

Plastic surgery as an intervention to make the human body more “natural”

Cosmetic surgery is seen as a way to improve a body’s aesthetic appearance. In a plastic surgery ad by Jacob Sarnoff (1936) a woman is shown before and after surgery. The right side of the woman’s body is in its “natural” state before… Continue Reading →

Doctoring human looks

During professor Sheehan’s talk entitled “Extreme makeover: The visual Culture of Plastic Surgery,” I found it interesting how she referred to the body as a part of visual culture and that an aging body is seen as unnatural.  She pointed… Continue Reading →

The Plastics

I have always looked at plastic surgery as a good thing. When I was younger, my mom had breast cancer and had to undergo a mastectomy. She had reconstructive plastic surgery so she could go back to the way she… Continue Reading →

The Homogeneity of Plastic Surgery

Today’s visual culture has changed remarkably in the past few generations and plastic surgery helped contribute to the change. Professor Tanya Sheehan told us about the two different forms of plastic surgery: reconstructive and cosmetic. Reconstructive is meant to restore… Continue Reading →

Beauty and Nature

I think that this talk was the most interesting and relatable one that we’ve had so far. In a broader sense, this talk was all about body image, and that is something that everyone deals with at some point. One… Continue Reading →

Passivity and Body Ownership

Professor Tanya Sheehan’s lecture was particularly engaging because of its relevance to pop culture.  She discussed the way that academic art principles were at work in the way that we understand reality TV and mass media, and she even included… Continue Reading →

Photoshop, Instagram, and the “Ideal Life”

I studied photography for 4 years in high school, so I was particularly interested in Tanya Sheenan’s discussion of Photoshop as a cultural tool and manipulation. In fine art photography, Photoshop is used mostly within the first context of editing… Continue Reading →

Self Control

Plastic surgery became extremely popular at the beginning of the new millennium. Popular culture glamorized the gruesome process in such a way that it became appealing to many people across the country. In many advertisements seen in the lecture, plastic… Continue Reading →

Editing pictures

I was intrigued by the idea that cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery overlap in more ways than we typically think- both surgeries make people feel more beautiful and change their social status, and contribute to one’s overall “health.” No matter… Continue Reading →

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