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November 10

Taking the “Anthro” Out of Anthropocene

This week’s lecture made me think about the anthropocentrism involved in even talking about the Anthropocene. We, humans, are discussing our impact on the natural world in this new geologic age characterized by human innovation and manipulation. The mere fact… Continue Reading →

Human’s: are we the most important?

Keith Peterson’s talk, titled “Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives on the Environment,” focused on what he referred to as Anthropocentrism of the Anthropocene. Professor Peterson provided a wealth of information, and while I was unable to understand some of the jargon he… Continue Reading →

Emotion as Reason–Thoughts on Plumwood’s Liberation Model

I am deeply intrigued by Plumwood’s Liberation Model. In all my classes, dualism has been brought up and debated upon. To highlight part of Plumwood’s model, in my Intro to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies class, we talk about the… Continue Reading →

Anthropocentric environmental ehtics

During KP’s presentation on anthropocentrism and the Anthropocene, he discussed how humans, although capable, rarely use a non-anthropocentric way of viewing the world. In his presentation, KP made references to Val Plumwood; however, there are many other philosophers not mentioned… Continue Reading →


In last weeks lecture, the speaker talked about the ideas of needing a posthumanism, or nonhumanism (versus a new humanism) in response to the anthropocene. He presented two major ideas that go along with posthumanism/nonhumanism—there is need for a world… Continue Reading →


This week’s lecture brought up some especially important things to consider regarding the anthropocene. It was interesting to think about how humans frequently consider themselves the center of cosmic drama when, in fact, we are not. It is this belief… Continue Reading →


This lecture really made me reflect on many of my thoughts about the Anthropocene. It is so interesting to see how others view the Anthropocene, and this class has brought many views to my attention. Professor Peterson really had me… Continue Reading →

Keith Peterson Lecture Slides from Nov. 10

Lecture slides, Keith Peterson, Nov. 10 The Anthropomorphism of the Anthropocene

Animal testing

I’m going to be honest, this talk was kind of confusing for me. I feel like I didn’t fully start to understand what Professor Peterson was trying to say until the very end. The concept of the anthropocene is extremely… Continue Reading →

Activist Intersectionality on Campus

Professor Peterson discussed the anthropocentrism of the anthropocene at his lecture tonight, and one of his main points was about the intersectionality with feminism, racism, classism and similar movements with environmentalism.  He suggested that environmental activists collaborate with other social… Continue Reading →

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