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December 8

Final Post

First off, everyone’s poster was really well done. The students picked something that interested them and all showed a distinct line between humans and nature. One of the most eye-grabbing posters was the one done by Rachel Bird. “From Cave… Continue Reading →

Stadiums and Instagram: Human/Nature?

As I perused the posters and listened to student’s discuss their ideas, I was intrigued by the creativity in a handful of the presentations. For example, I found the idea of using stadium’s as representative of the “slash” in human/nature… Continue Reading →

A Little Bit of Everything: Poster Session

I visited Rachel Bird’s poster about human/nature and art, combining art history and exploring the ways humans at the times were connected to or disconnected from nature through art. In Romanticism, there is a beauty of nature found in the… Continue Reading →

Nature’s relation with humans

Although all of the posters I heard about during were interesting, two in particular made me think about and see things in a different light. While listening about J.R.’s poster about the culture of narcissism, he made the comment that… Continue Reading →

Conversations at the Poster Presentation

At the Poster Presentation session, I talked to the following presenters: The Paleo Diet, Katie Chow: Katie told me about the Paleo diet, and the way that humans are trying to improve the function of their own bodies through manipulating… Continue Reading →


Tonight, Katie Chow gave a presentation about the Paleo Diet, which I was very interested in. Today there are so many fads that people follow in order to make themselves look healthier. I have had friends and cousins try to… Continue Reading →

time, paleo, and screen time

The poster session in the last week was really great. I have never taken an STS class before this semester and therefore was really interested in what the poster session would be like and see what kinds of projects students… Continue Reading →

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