I loved hearing about the possibilities of humans entering into space! It was intriguing how humans would travel to the moon or mars, and what that would look like, and what the risks of that would be. Are humans even meant for space-flight?

If we were to land on the moon and make a base, or even a civilization, there are a few complications. First, there is lunar dust that gets in spacesuits and clogs them up, and interacts with engines, choking their air intake. Then, there is solar radiation and solar flares. On earth, we have an atmospheric layer that protects from radiation storms and solar flares, however the moon has no atmospheric layer that protects from solar radiation flares. Therefore, the human race, if it were to live on the moon, would have to live underground and never go outside, and have little above ground. Finally, the question of if humans are actually designed for space comes up – we are meant to grow and live on this earth – with the amount of gravity and air of the earth, and going to a place like the moon, where there is 1/6G has an effect on bone growth and muscle growth. There are no studies of long-term effects of living on the moon.

This rises the question if humans are really meant for space travel or space inhabitation. Maybe for now, we could stay with space exploration, and later begin to create small space stations, similar to the research stations on the north and south poles, in outer space. Is space even something that we are morally able to adventure into and begin to conquer – is it too vast and untouched a universe for us to dream about expanding our race further?