Last week, we saw a fascinating lecture from Roger Lanius of the Air and Space museum. He talked about the future of space travel, the movement away from human voyages, and many problems that have arisen with space travel in general. The biggest issue that was discussed was the idea that the sun aging will eventually wipe out earth, and we as humans need to find a way to migrate or live somewhere else before that happens. Unfortunately, the presentation introduced us to many very difficult problems that humans would have to deal with if they were living outside of our normal atmosphere, none of which we currently have solutions to. Lunar dust, radiation, and hypogravity are all things that seem consequential when we are dealing with making a short lunar trip, but when living on a long-term basis, the effects either become detrimental or unknown. Gravity plays a major factor, especially when looking at long term colonies, as children born at different gravities would have severely different bone structure. They would never be able to survive at Earth’s gravity as they would be crushed. I was interested in hearing the radiation concern, as many believe that it is a man-made issue that lives solely on Earth.