I found this discussion on Futurism to be very interesting. The idea of incorporating one’s audience into the art piece was valued by futurists. Futurism also valued change and viewed war as “the sole cleanser of the world”. This opinion came after viewing what occurred after World War I. It is interesting that a lot of inventions have in fact come out of war. For example, during the Cold War, there was great competition in development between the United States and the U.S.S.R. Both wanted to demonstrate that they were the side with the most power. The nuclear arms race and the space race are just two examples of the arenas of competition that the the polarized powers engaged in. It is because of these two races that we now have the atomic bomb and space development. The Soviet Union launched the first ever satellite, The Sputnik, during the Cold War. Now, satellites are not an outlandish concept. In fact, 1,100 active satellites both privately and governmentally owned are orbiting the earth. There are many more¬†that are no longer functioning that are also still in orbit. While the concept of futurism was extreme, especially in regards to feminism, I do believe with the futurism argument¬†war brings about rapid change.