I was particularly interested in the way the speaker talked about robotic exploration, and how while robots been extraordinary helpers in space exploration, robots in movies are almost always portrayed as being threatening (Besides Wall-E which is a great movie by the way). We never really think about them in any other way, yet they are SO important today both in the context of space exploration but also in medicine. No, I am not advocating that we acknowledge the contributions of robots and praise them, but it’s just one of those things we never really think about but should. It’s especially cool that most of our space exploration has been conducted through robots, NOT humans. He noted that we have landed on the moon via robots, we have landed on Venus via robots, and we’ve flown by all plants and former planets via robots. I Had to laugh when he asked how many of us are cyborgs- never really thought about it that way. It’s interesting how many people are “part robot” because of having a pacemaker in their body, etc. Apparently I am a cyborg for having glasses. Interesting, but sounds pretty silly to me!