In the previous weeks, we have been hearing a lot about the human perspectives on everything from the medicalization of war, ancient myths and photography but one perspective that we have been sorely lacking is the perspective on something other than humans. When we talk about the disconnect between humans and nature, we rarely discuss the perspective of the conflict from the parties that it affects other than humans, such as animals and plants. Certainly, these living beings deserve some consideration, especially considering the important ecosystem services that they provide for no charge.

Instead, we might be able to further expand our own ideas about humans and nature, if we take a non-human stance, and put ourselves in the place of those on an ‘opposing’ side of the argument for increasing human involvement in technology. We have to exercise our empathy and take life outside of humanity as more important than ourselves, to fully comprehend the non-humanist point of view. We are simply looking at ourselves too much and have not given appropriate consideration when we are discussing important decisions that could affect the future of the world. This perspective is all the more necessary in our current discussions about humans and nature because if we use a more empathetic perspective then we will be sure to make more correct choices.