Last week’s lecture was very philosophical at times and went far deeper than my limited knowledge of the subject, but the argument that was presented was very interesting nonetheless. The basic idea behind the presentation is that it is not a correct assumption to say that we have entered the Anthropocene. Doing so would, in effect, gives humans far too much credit. Hailing the entrance into the Anthropocene gives off the effect that the world revolves around humans, and everything that happens is in response to our actions. It is an axiological perspective, saying that human interests outweigh all others. It was also described as epistemic, meaning that the human perspective and demands are inevitable. I personally find this point of view very interesting and relatable. As we can see from history, there have been many cases of people of a certain era making proclamations that have ended up becoming untrue. In many of these cases, the same humanistic mistakes were made. For example, people made a declaration that worlds literally revolved around humans by claiming the solar system was geocentric. Clearly, we now know that is quite untrue, and one day the proclamation that we have entered the Anthropocene may also be seen as a serious humanization of reality as well.