The body is the landscape in which visual culture is imparted. Social constructs promote the standards of beauty. These beauty standards redefine health with the essential counterpart of beauty. The portrayal of gender roles in the Christopher Little photo “Henry and Carol Austin” is a feminist nightmare. The woman is depicted as needing many plastic surgeries and is wearing only a swimsuit and high heels while the man only needs one plastic surgery and is wearing a medical coat.

The Jenny Saville “Plan” painting depicts the human body as a map, putting circles around the fat parts. I see this painting not only as a target but as a role model because she is real. But if this body is in the process of undergoing plastic surgery, how can it be natural?

The infamous TV shows known as The Swan went too far in harnessing that preconceived notion of beauty. It completely changed women’s physical attributes and caused all of them to look the same. This is a problem with reconstructing people’s bodies, people’s unique attributes are removed. This creates the potential of making a uniform society, and that’s a scary thought.