During the 297 class discussion today I thought of an idea for a poster. Many people drew equilateral triangles as the interconnecting lattice between humans, nature, and technology. This structure makes sense as the three points focus on a different subject. To me,  I pictured these relationships as nonlinear, undefined, with no resolute end. A circle. The representation of these subjects can be celebrated as an episodic history on an infinite timescale. A clock. The idea of the clock is representative of the history of all of these subjects and how they have evolved since before the beginning of human time. Technologies (12 letters) will take the place of the 12 numbers – fading more and more as they move clockwise around the face. The clock hands will be replaced by grey human hands. They will be greyed in order to represent their imminent death. The face will be rounded by a wreath of sticks and leaves. The leaves will be seasoned with autumn colors, representing their ever-changing nature and yet delicate balance between life and death.