A poem that we spent a lot of time on tonight was “A fragmented wor(l)d” by Giorgio Celli. My main reaction to this poem is confusion. But apparently, confusion is actually one of the purposes of the poem. In avant-garde poetry, the reader is supposed to be an active participant who needs to be curious about the meaning behind the poem. The curiosity that emerges will encourage the reader to engage with the poem and really study it to try to figure out what the author is saying. My question though, is how often will the reader actually dig deeper and try to figure out this type of poem? For me, the confusion, the randomness of the poem is scattered and turns me away from it. Certain words follow each other just to create certain sounds, not because it necessarily makes sense. It seems just unorganized and chaotic to me, which would not make me want to go further and try to figure it out. But I guess that is just me, and maybe others would take the time to understand the poem. This is a type of poetry that is very unfamiliar to me, so perhaps the more I read it, the more I would appreciate it.