In his lecture about Italian neo avant-garde literature, professor Cavatorta talked about a re – imagining of ages old literary tradition. Here, artists left behind their roots and invented new ideas and expressed them in ways the world had not yet seen. The new works coming out of this movement of artists focused on new imagery and metaphors which many were based in a nature theme. The best example of this is the new formats of poetry that emerged. Traditionally poetry had a fairly standard format and cadence rules. With the neo avant-garde movement, poets began experimenting with new mediums and formats. A good example of this is the poem “A Fragmented Wor(l)d”, which used a unique format with lots of spacing in almost a stratified organization. Along with the word choice and imagery in the poem, the format tried to evoke a certain feeling of confusion in the reader. In the avant-garde poetry, the focus shifts to the environment, the author almost disappears behind the content of the poem. With the increased attention to surroundings, which normally was a natural setting, and the invoked feeling of the poem, these artists were encouraging their readers to perceive the natural world in a new way that they envisioned.