I was interested in how prominent the belief in magic was in antiquity, especially with relation to love. I was intrigued by the idea that, in antiquity, love was a bad thing- it was compared to madness, disease, and injury. Being in love meant that one was under a spell. Everyone knows what it means to say that one is under a spell in the context of falling in love. This makes more sense to me now, as it probably originated from ancient believes about the power of magic and love. I was also intrigued by the idea that, in antiquity, the way to obtain power was to exert one’s control over nature. Gods/goddesses used magic, in particular voodoo dolls and potions in order to control the worlds around them. This is interesting because nature ultimately has control over us.I have to say that  I was not expecting a talk about love and gods/goddesses to involve so much talk about sex and sexual violence. I found some of the pictures and poems to be pretty disturbing and violent!