It was interesting to see that much of nature in ancient roman times was tied to magic, love, or war. In nature, there were nymphs that were a part of trees, nature itself, and were more seductive creatures. Enchantresses/witches like Circa seduces men into her home, then emasculates them, showing the power of the enchantress.

I found the gender hierarchy in magic interesting. During antiquity, men were often dominant of women (patriarchy). However, women that were witches had power over men. They were able to cast and create spells, potion, and create charms to seduce men. It seems that nature and women – the fact that they are “seductive” and “powerful” are similar.

One young man that was fabled to use magic was Orpheus. In stories, he was able to tame wild beasts and uproot trees, and make them follow him by plating his music. He would even change the course of rivers by the music that he made.

Witches and wizards were fabled to have these common abilities and control over the moon, the rivers, and the dead. It seemed that whoever possessed magic and spells had a seductive power over all others. Is this nature too? Does nature have a seductive power over humans? Are we really the dominators of nature, or are we just living under its spell?