Professor Ricco’s lecture on futurism was, in reality, quite frightening when one looks at their beliefs. They were interested in destruction, and anti establishment. They were a group of individuals who were anti tradition and were perpetually in search of change. This more than anything seems similar to anarchy.

The futurist is in love with danger. They exalt the dangerous, and this is conflicting with the concept of a nation state that is there to serve and protect. In addition the Futurist condemns Feminism, and moralism which are critical to establishing an equal opportunity state. They believe the struggle is the sole source of beauty, and maintain a perpetually existing desire to revolt. These beliefs all reject the concepts of government and call for a complete lack of government, lest these concepts not be dominant.

Just as the movement itself has fallen, it seems that any society in which these policies or style of living was enacted, would fail. The state would be run amok with violence, and filled with the blind, maimed, and inept. There desire for perpetual change would cause any long term plans of leaders to fail. Also when attempting to establish a leader, he would be chosen by his capacity for violence which is a rather poor quality for a leader. The Futurist Movement is interesting for its reliance on technology, but ultimately doomed by their violent aspirations.