We had an incredibly interesting talk last week about the concept of futurism within 1930’s Italian society. This revolutionary idea manifested itself as both an art style and a mindset that was really crystalized throughout the decade by several respected scholars in many books. He details how important war is within our society, as he sees conflict as necessary to spur progress, whether technological or societal. I can certainly understand why he would feel this way, as there is undoubtably a strong need to progress when faced with a challenge such as war between nations. However, we have also seen enormous technological progress in the past 50 years with relatively little war all around the world with the invention of the internet and smartphones. Therefore, although it may have seemed at the time when futurism was reaching the peak of its popularity that progress can only be reached through war, we have since seen times of amazing progress without extreme war. We have seen that war in actuality may improve technological progress but it can impede societal progress as minorities are often displaced or overlooked during these times of crisis. The inclusion of minorities in society is essential to progress because without them, we lose important allies that are able to support us through difficult times.