Effeti Marinetti was the face and figurehead for the Futurist movement. Futurism is a movement with a strange ideology and many of its tenements seem a bit backwards to the outsider. He was very active in the public sphere and was constantly creating artwork, writing  or organizing events to further his futurist philosophy. He was trying to get people to think in the way he did, which he thought would help move forward humanity and technology.  It is no secret that Marinetti was extreme in his ideas. In fact, he believed that industrial warfare was the next step to human achievement. What I find interesting about this is that Marinetti was somewhat right, but for the wrong reasons. He thought there was something beautiful about war, which is very apparent in futurist artworks. Marinetti even saw the gruesome wounds suffered by soldiers as an improvement over the natural body.  I find this, as I hope most people would, ridiculous. Loosing a limb is a awful thing no matter how you look at it. On the other hand the Futurists were right in the sense that war would move us forward. In the Great War, the first industrialized war, we saw more men fighting than ever but also more men getting wounded than any military could deal with. The nature of this war forced countries to adapt in new ways. While the First World War changed many things about military medicine, from transport methods to new cutting edge surgeries, the one that sticks out the most to me is triage. Triage is a method of sorting the severity of cases and thus the order they will be treated. This process helps medical staff save time and lives, and updated versions of triage are used emergency rooms today. I find it interesting that Marinetti correctly predicted the fact that war would move us forward, but for entirely wrong reason.