I was very impressed by the Tuesday night’s lecture on the something as seemingly ‘invisible’ as the speaker put it, as refrigeration. A relatively recent technology, we seem to have forgotten about the technology that has completely changed the way that we as a species look at food. We used to think about food as a precious commodity but now that we have places where it can be effectively stored for later consumption sometimes for months. This has created a huge food surplus for many countries with the resources to put in a food refrigeration infrastructure. This talk enlightened me to the problems that many people are starting to see with the current selections of conveniences at our fingertips. The main problem being that by making something easier, we must push the costs of our action elsewhere.

This problem runs rampant with our current energy infrastructure, as we have made energy cheap and easy to obtain at the cost of increased greenhouse gases and decreased air quality. These costs are not as apparent as having, for example, to turn a crank to watch TV. It is as if we have been taking out loans on our future but have yet to really pay them back in any significant way. I feel that the only course of action is to make somewhat dramatic changes in the way that we are living so that the ‘debt’ that we are accumulating will not destroy us completely and instead we will be able to continue living at a sustainable pace.